Using Managerial Accounting & Budgeting Tools

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Using Managerial Accounting & Budgeting Tools

 Ce programme existe également en français


In the general Finance for non-financials portolio, this programme represents the M4 - part of level 3. Participants registering to this module are expected to have a prior knowledge in financial statement analysis (see topics covered in levels 1 & 2).


The aim of this programme is to improve participants' insights into different business issues, like investment and pricing policy, and to reinforce their capacity to make decisions on different aspects as product launches/ discontinuations, outsourcing etc. It also helps reinforcing participants' evaluation capacity when confronted to capital spending proposals. 


The training adresses to managers with little financial background, but still familiar with the key concepts covered in module 1.


During two full-day class, the following topics will be covered:

  • identification of department's cost structure
  • analysis of the impacts on costs based on the increase or the decrease of activity levels
  • estimation of a product's value contribution
  • evaluation of how customer's behaviour can turn profitable products into loss makers
  • analysis of the tools used to adequately price products and services


Thanks to a strong experience in both academic and business world, our faculty perfectly associates academic knowledge to practical expertise. Case studies and group works combined to ex-cathedra sessions, make the course extremely interactive and enriching for all the participants who will then benefit from continous exchanges with professors and peers. 

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