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TRIAXES is an opportunity for students from different faculties (business, engineer and design) to develop an idea together and make the entrepreneurship venture happen by creating a 3D object ready-to-be-sold integrating technical, design and business issues. 

The Triaxes project:

This is about giving the opportunity to three students from three different institutions and different training programs. They need to browse the entire process of development of an industrial product and collaborate - since the business plan of a technology company project until the creation and implementation of a three dimensional object post production.

Each student will develop its own competencies within the team. The goal of this partnership is not to gain the skills in another discipline, but to understand them and use them wisely in the joint development of an industrial product and the launch of a new business!

This project addresses MA2 students.

More information : bap [dot] solvay [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be