TransConstellation Academy - Management Programme for Finance Executives

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TransConstellation Academy - Management Programme for Finance Executives


TransConstellation Academy is a shared training centre run in partnership with the Solvay Brussels School. Programme participants follow four separate weekly training modules, scheduled over nine months, covering different areas of financial-transaction processing. Certificates are awarded after passing a panel review of a real business-project assignment.


Ariane Chapelle (SBS EM ULB)
Theo Compernolle (Independent Consultant)
Carlos Desmet (Shell)
André Farber (SBS EM ULB)
Elizabeth Lank (Think Plus)
Ramon O’Callaghan (TiasNimbas)
Carine Peeters (SBS EM ULB)
James Teboul (Insead)
Patrick Van Cayseele (KULeuven)
Ludo Van der Heyden (Insead)
Ingo Walter (Stern School of Business, New York University)


The programme is geared towards individuals already working in the industry, or at companies with an affiliation to finance and securities processing. As qualified industry professionals, eligible candidates would have a basic knowledge of finance and between four and six years of work experience in the sector. In addition to broadening their knowledge horizons, participants are given an excellent opportunity to form lasting relationships with professionals from other companies.

The programme consists of four modules covering managerial issues pertinent to the financial transactions services industry. Modules are designed in such a way that the different aspects of management are raised in each of them. Soft and strategic skills on the one hand, and hard and technical skills on the other, are taught in each module.

The topics covered are diverse, but typically focus on the current challenges to financial-transaction processing, risk management, IT and organisational strategy.


Applications are subject to approval of the TransConstellation board.

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