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Research Centres

The SBS-EM is a research-based institution, in two respects. First, the duty of all core faculty members includes the production of scientific output (publications, conferences, case studies) and the supervision of PhD candidates. Second, the SBS-EM provides an infrastructure for research, through its four main research centres, the Centre Emile Bernheim, DULBEA, ECARES and iCiTE, and their doctoral schools. Over the past 5 years, many publications have been produced, including many articles in international scientific journals and books.

As one of the ULB and SBS-EM flagships, the scientific research in economics and management benefits from an important investment by the School and the university and enjoys a truly international reputation. The ULB places excellence at the heart of its ambitions and research is a key activity for the full-time teaching staff and their teams. Research also makes an ongoing contribution to improving the quality of teaching. The SBS-EM favours academic recruitment based on high international scientific standards regarding publications.

The CEB (Centre Emile Bernheim), ECARES (European Centre for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics), DULBEA (Department in Applied Economics of ULB) and iCiTE (International Centre for Innovation, Technology and Education Studies) are the main, 'broad-based', research centers affiliated to the SBS-EM. The two additional thematic research centers are CERMi (Centre Européen de Recherche en Microfinance / Center for European Research in Microfinance) and CEESE (Centre d'études économiques et sociales de l'environnement).

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