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Recruiting at Solvay

During recent years, an increasing number of companies have demonstrated their wish to recruit future Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management graduates before they graduate. 


The SBS-EM Campus Recruitment Programme is a service offered to companies and institutions, which allows them to have direct contact with the students of the School and in particular with those in the last year of their curriculum.At the same time, companies and students have expressed their desire to rationalize contacts between them, so as to enable companies to have access to all of the students and to provide the students with an opportunity of securing their first job with full knowledge of what they are about to embark upon.

The objective of the organization is to be very flexible : it allows companies to continue to organize contacts in the manner they prefer, whilst providing instant access to full details of every student who wishes to participate in the scheme. The scheme also provides coordination of the calendar of meetings with the students.

In line with other similar Schools of Management in Europe, Campus Recruitment foresees the payment of a subscription that provides right of access to participating companies. The money raised will be used on the one hand to finance the management and operation of the system and on the other hand to provide exchange scholarships for needy 4th and 5th year Management Engineer students.

In order to optimize the recruitment and placement of our future graduates, we shall do our very best to respond with tailor-made solutions to any particular requests you may have.