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Programme and Courses

Further information

You can find here our brand new promotional brochure about the Solvay Summer School 2019.

Should you need further information, feel free to contact us through summerschool [at] solvay [dot] edu


There will be a mix of academic sessions and workshops of 2 hours each, given by SBS-EM’s professors guest speakers. This programme also includes the visit of the EU parliament. Our main purpose is to allow you to experience all aspects of student life in Brussels through a great set of activities. It is therefore the perfect mixture between education and entertainment.


As Solvay Summer School gives 2 ECTS credits for its courses, you can easily transfer credits to other European Universities using the ECTS system. We do, however, recommand that you check with your home institution before applying to SSS to be sure that the credits are transferable. 


The main course aims to provide a broad overview and analysis of the business environment in the European Union. The main emphasis is put on European entrepreneurship, geopolitical concerns and understanding of European economic news.

The 4 options aim to provide a tailored analysis of “Entrepreneurship and Technology”, “Economics and Finance”, “Business Law” or “International Business (Advanced)” with half of the courses being given on these specific topics. It develops students’ grasp of business, economics and policy issues and especially their interactions.


Economics & Finance

Taught by renowned teachers with significant industry and research experience, our programme offers courses introducing students to cutting-edge economics and financial theories and their application to European issues including anti-globalization, FTA, insurance regulation, banking risk and performance. The aim is to build your analytical problem-solving proficiency as well as help you navigating through the European financial system.

Entrepreneurship & Technologies

The Entrepreneurship programme aims to equip students who embrace the entrepreneurial mindset with perspectives on management practices and leadership. With a focus on Business Models Canvas, innovation, relationship marketing and soft skills, this programme has been designed to foster your ability to think like an entrepreneur. Through interactive workshops led by marketing experts, ensure your future as the next generation of change-makers.

Advanced Business

Designed to cultivate a passion for the European Union’s political events, our Advanced Business programme is tailored to ensure the acquisition of a strong body of knowledge in business management control systems.The programme allows you to dig deeply into current topics that are relevant to present-day business practices including digital strategy and Fintech in order to create opportunities for yourself and accelerate career development. 

Business Law

Business Law exists for students who aspire to become business savvy with both a solid knowledge of the legal system and an first-hand insight of the business environment. The programme focuses on gaining a global understanding of the challenges faced by the European Union in the 21st century with a legal perspective on international taxation, geopolitical policies and innovation law through the third industrial revolution.


Length of the programme

The 2019’s edition takes place from August 16th, 2018 to August 25th, 2019.

The courses will begin on Monday morning and finish on Friday morning.