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Workshops and Seminars

The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management offers a wide range of activities to MA and MBA students in Management.

  • Mentoring : counselling, information, CV correction, simulation interviews, etc.
    Contact us for the more for the date of next CV Session
  • Job Day : opportunity to meet the professional sector, from private companies to NGOs
    In 2008, two NGOs were invited to meet the students : Oxfam Solidarité and Médecins Sans Frontières.
    More NGOs will be present on next editions, contact us for more info
  • Thematical conferences


    October 28, 2010 : The Revolution in Impact Evaluation in Development

    Organised by: Prof. Philip Verwimp, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, holder of the Marie and Alain Philippson Chair in Managing for Sustainable Development

    With : Prof. Antonio Estache (ECARES), Prof. Erwin Bulte (Wageningen University, Netherlands), Prof. William Parienté (Université catholique de Louvain, Paris School of Economics, JPal), Annabel Vanroose (Vrije Universiteit Brussels, CERMi, ULB), Paul Verlé (CTB), Paz Guzman Caso de Los Cobos (CTB), Prof. Marek Hudon (ULB)

    November 9, 2010 : Corporate Fellowship Meeting

    During the meeting, we will discuss present and potential collaborations between the Chair and the companies. The workshop will address issues related to the needs of the Chair partners that could
    be addressed by Solvay’s students during their internship and the final dissertation that ensues.

    For more information, write to philippson-chair [at] solvay [dot] edu

  • Past conferences
  • Career in the development sector

    Organised by : Marie et Alain Philippson Chair in Managing for Sustainable Human Development, Centre For European Research in Microfinance (CERMi) and Solvay Campus Recruitment.

    With: Christophe MARECHAL (CTB), Jean-Marie POLET (IBM-Fondateur de Ingénieurs sans frontières), Hülya ALTINOK (Ingénieurs sans frontières), Laurence COTTILLE (ASF, MSF, CICR, ONDD)

  • Behavioural and Cultural Foundations and Consequences of Violence (June 7-8, 2010).
    Organised by : HiCN at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS), Lisbon, Portugal
  • Entrepreneurship and Conflict (March 20-21, 2009).
    Organised by : WIDER-HiCN at INCORE, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
  • The International Development Institutions (November 5, 2008).
    With Andrea Engels (The World Bank, European Stakeholder Liaison - Africa, Europe and AMP, Middle East Vice-Presidency)
  • Foreign Investment at the Bottom of the Pyramid (November 26, 2008).
    With Michel Massart (Director, Millicom International)
  • Financing Social Entrepreneurship (December 17, 2008).
    With Christian Schattenmann (Bamboo Finance)