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1. Courses

Prof. Verwimp, holder of the Philippson Chair, teaches economic and sustainable development for economics and business school students.

1. Development Economics and Management, 3rd year BA course for business students

2. Topics in Development Economics, 1st year MA course for economists

3. Sustainable Development and Management, 2nd year MA course for business students

Prof.Verwimp is also the chair of the jury for all MA theses written on a topic closely related to international development at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. In this capacity, he is a member of the Barsy Prize Committee that awards the best MA thesis in the school annually.

2. Final MA dissertations

This year topics

  • Are sons better off than their father? Evidence from Burundi
  • The Logistics of surplus food distribution in Brussels
  • Poverty in post-conflict Rwanda

The following dissertations were presented by MA students in Management in the last years :


  • Druart Marjolaine, "Market research in jatropha:-oil community oriented end-usages - stove for Burkina Faso
  • Cortvriend Sam, "Les difficultés qu’engendre le soutien d’activités du type « corporate social » au sein  d'entreprises du PVD"
  • Sander Georges, "Socially responsible distribution: a cost-based feasibility study for Siat Gabon"


  • Danguy Jérôme, "Analyse de l’impact des investissements directs étrangers sur le développement économique de l’Inde"
  • Hanard Audrey, "Credit delivery to the unorganized sector in India: wich role for informal finance"
  • Knops Jeremy, "The Relative Importance of Fair Trade in the Pursuit of Sustainable Development"
  • Mir Sattari Saba, "Les systèmes de cacaoculture durables et compétitifs: le cas des petits planteurs villageois en région Est du Ghana"
  • Moens de Hase Alexandre, "Succes at the Bottom of the Pyramid"
  • Tchasse Manto Liliane, “Commerce équitable et lutte contre la pauvreté: la filière du coton et enjeux pour le Mali”


  • Paquay Yannick, “Development in Ghana in Light of the I.M.F. and World Bank Programs"
  • Jebabli Salah, "Islamic Banking and Development: The Case of Malaysia”
  • Majbar Hicham, “The impact of Financial structure on Development”


  • De Petter Fanny, “A comparative study of the cocoa market in Ghana and Ivory Coast”
  • Klimis Marie, “Le rôle des multinationales dans la problématique de l’eau dans les pays en voie de développement “
  • Serrokh, Badreddine, “Microfinance and street children. Is microfinance an appropriate tool to address the street children issue?”
  • Tack Alex, “Investing in a reforestation project with community-based timber production : the case of the Aguaytia project in Peru”


  • Vandermissen Lode, “A case study of the natural resource course in Gabon: Root causes”


3. Doctoral Theses Committee


  • Shocks, Conflict and Economic Development
    Eleonora Nilessen, Wageningen University, 2010, co-promotor
  • Measurements, assessments and alternatives to improve equity and performance of health financing systems: Essays on low- and middle-income countries with a focus on Argentina
    Eleonora Cavagnero, University of Antwerp, 2010
  • Poverty Reduction Policies and Policymakers in Uganda
    Abel Mucunguzi, University of Antwerp, 2010


  • Productivity of Panga Fish Ponds in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
    Binh Tu Van, University of Antwerp, 2009


  • Civil War and Economic Development in Burundi
    Tom Bundervoet, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2008, co-promotor
  • Rural Livelihoods in post-conflict Rwanda
    Marian Koster , Wageningen University, 2008