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Partners and Network

The Philippson Chair believes in career in the Development sector for Solvay's students. Its support consists in advising students and in building bridges between the academic and the business world.

1. Partners : We are stronger together. Companies, institutions or individuals, we can join our forces, expertise and experiences to better work towards our respective goals in managing for sustainable human development.

2. Network : Useful tips and information to get involved in Belgium or abroad and get a grip on Alumni's experiences.

3. Looking for an internship or a job? : A selection of websites presenting offers.



Partnership, definition and principles

The principle of partnership with the Philippson Chair is simple: we value exchange of expertise and input by fostering development.

Partners include NGOs, governmental or non-governmental actors, MNCs with activities in developing countries, organisations or multilateral associations.

By partnering with the Philippson Chair, you benefit from:

  • A centre of expertise at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management ;
  • A central location in Brussels ;
  • Resources (internships, CFP, case studies, recruitment) ;
  • An opportunity to be an actor on campus (seminars and conferences) ;
  • A network.

Our current partners

How to become a partner?

If you are looking for:

  • synergies
  • a network
  • academic expertise
  • recruitment
  • internships
  • ad hoc collaboration

Please contact philippson-chair [at] solvay [dot] edu




Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management has a network of over 18.000 alumni spread all over the world and active in numerous sectors.

Click here to go to Solvay Alumni website

The Philippson Chair is actively calling for SBS-EM alumni working in SHD, in developing countries or development-related fields. To help us build up or simply be part of this network, please contact philippson-chair [at] solvay [dot] edu

As a start...

The world of development cooperation is broad and complex. Here are some useful links to further guide you to understand who is who, doing what where and how you could be involved in the North or in the South:

Household in Conflict Network (HiCN)

Violent conflicts are a substantial barrier to economic development. Almost one third of the world's population lives in conflict-affected low income countries. Yet little is known about the effects of conflict on household behaviour, household welfare and poverty. The Households in Conflict Network (HiCN) brings together researchers interested in the micro level analysis of the relationship between violent conflict and household welfare.

More information on

Micro Level Analysis of Violent Conflict (MICROCON)

MICROCON is a five-year research programme funded by the European Commission, promoting the understanding of individual and group interactions leading to and resulting from civil conflicts, with the purpose of uncovering much-needed fundamentals for better informed domestic, regional and international conflict policy, which places individuals and groups at the centre of their interventions. It takes an innovative micro level, multidisciplinary approach to conflict, and aims to go beyond merely reactive theorisations of conflict to look at the complete dynamics (across intensities, actors, triggers and effects) of violent conflicts.

More information on


Looking for an internship or a job?

There is clear evidence that the development sector is undergoing a true professionalisation. This is very positive because it means that the "manager profile" is highly needed. But it also means that to find a job is not easy without any experience!

If you have no or very few experience, note that you have two options :

  • start with an internship
  • develop your expertise in the private sector with the objective of bringing your competences into development within 5-10 years.

To know better what cooperation is about, it may be interesting to start with a training or information session. For example:

A selection of websites including jobs and internships offers in Belgium, Europe or abroad :

Stories about cooperation experiences by young Belgian professionals: