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CEB's Doctoral Theses (since 2002)

Vade-mecum for  the PhD in Economics and Management

Last update: 16/07/2018





Ongoing PhD Theses
Defended PhD Theses
2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 -
2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002


Ongoing PhD Theses   ___________________________________________


Coibion Charles, "Long-term Distribution of Unemployment Risk and the Costs (Benefits) of Employment protection in Belgium", Director: Ilan Tojerow.

De Brouwer Octave, "The Impact of Globalization and Economic Cycles on Worker's Health and Disability Benefits", Director: Ilan Tojerow.

Degive Nicolas, "The Pricing of "Sovereign" Debts Issued by Colonies and their Fate Following Independence", Director: Kim Oosterlinck.

d'Udekem Benoit, "Some Systemic Consequences of Bank Opaqueness", Director: Ariane Szafarz.

Emilson Naïvo Faniry, "Production and Marketing of vanilla in Northern of Madagascar", Director: Philip Verwimp.

Esterzon Emilie, "Essays on Communication Effectiveness in a Digital World 1st", Director: Sandra Rothenberger.

Fays Valentine, "Product Market Competition and Discrimination against Migrant", Director: François Rycx

Fontenay Sébastien, "Evaluation d'un programme de soutien à l'emploi pour les chômeurs en incapacité de travail souffrant de troubles psychiques", Director: Ilan Tojerow.

Gagliardi Nicola, "Essays in Labor Economics", Director: François Rycx.

Gilson Matthieu, "Investors' Risk Attitude in Wartime", Director: Kim Oosterlinck.

Giolito Vincent, "The Role of Executive Leadership in the Management of Strategic Errors", Director: Paul Verdin.

Güngor Hasan, "Impacts of Organization Structure on (Adaptive) Performance: A Comparative Study on Centralization and Decentralization", Director: Anne Drumaux.

Hassouni Afrae, "Assessing Portfolio Performance Using a Non-parametric Approach", Co-directors: Laurent Gheeraert and Hugues Pirotte.

Ingardi Irène, "Learning Environments for Strategic Error Management", Director: Paul Verdin.

Jacobs Valentine, "Essays in Labour Economics", Director: François Rycx

Juvyns Vincent, "Asset Allocation: Finding Decorrelation in a Sub-zero Rates Environment", Director: Hugues Pirotte.

Kizizie Alexandra, "Gestion de carrière dans les grandes entreprises: analyse des dynamiques d'aspiration des travailleurs et correspondance avec le besoin en comptétence des entreprises", Director: Michel Verstraeten.

Kouevi-Gath Beni, "Economie politique du développement financier", Co-directors: Antonio Estache et Pierre-Guillaume Méon.

Lacroix Jean, "Essays on the Political Economy of Democratic Transitions", Co-directors: Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Khalid Sekkat.

Ledru François-Xavier, "Essays on Impact Investing", Director: Marek Hudon.

Leduc Elisabeth, "Understanding the Dynamics within and between Different Social Security Benefits", Ilan Tojerow.

Milano Carmela, "Vulgarization or Democratization of Cultural Capital?", Director: Sandra Rothenberger.

Nguyen Höng Nhung, "Microfinance and SME Finance in Europe", Co-directors: Kim Oosterlinck and Ariane Szafarz.

Nouvellon Edouard, "Comparison between the Option Pricing Framework and Traditional "Market Premium-based" Asset Pricing", Director: Hugues Pirotte.

Nyarko Samuel Anokye, "Mission Drift in Microfinance Institutions", Co-directors: Roy Mersland and Ariane Szafarz.

Ouadi Youssef, "Leadership Skills Development: The Impact of Traits, Experience and Formal Trainings", Director: Alain Eraly.

Pérez Cortines Rafael, "Prospective Sales Force Performance Indicators: Extending Salesperson's Future Value to the Firm", Director: Sandra Rothenberger.

Peters Marc, "Essays in Banking Risk Management", Director: Hugues Pirotte.

Piton Céline, "Unemployment Impact of Product and Labour Market Regulation ", Director: François Rycx.

Raymaekers David, "Essays on the role of the family", Director: Pierre-Guillaume Méon.

Renier Laetitia, "Egocentric Metaperception: From Individualistic Determinants to Interpersonal Consequences", Director: Claudia Toma.

Rennoir Malory, "The Employment Effects of Payroll Tax Subsides: A Microeconomic Analysis for Belgium", Director: Ilan Tojerow.

Savarese Claudia, "Mainstreaming of Social Entreprises: Microfinance and Fair Trade", Co-directors: Marek Hudon and Benjamin Huybrechts.

Serres Coline, "Economie sociale et biens communs", Director: Marek Hudon.

Tsatsis Christos, "Three Essays in Public Accountancy", Director: Faska Khrouz.

Verougstraete Mathieu, "Policies of Financial Development", Director: Pierre-Guillaume Méon.

Waregne Sandrine, "How Do the New Technologies Enhance the Recruitment Process", Director: Michel Verstraeten.


Defended PhD Theses   __________________________________________






Reichert Patrick, "Subsidies, Profits and Trade-offs in Social Finance: Applications to Microfinance"

July 3, 2018
Co-Directors: Ariane Szafarz and Marek Hudon
Current job: Post-doctoral Research Fellow at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland (elea Chair for Social Innovation)


Deschamps Carl, "Performance Management and Control Systems in Public Services: Interpretation and Assessment Based on Mixed-Methods Case Studies"

March 9, 2018
Director: Jan Mattijs
Current job: Postdoctoral Fellow, Jarislowsky Chair in Public Sector management (CA, University of Ottawa)


Muluneh Hideto Dato, "Corporate Governance in Microfinance", joint PhD with University of Agder

February 8, 2018
Co-Directors: Marek Hudon and Roy Mersland (Agder University)     






Théry Amélie, "Analyse des interactions dans les groupes : de la détermination des types d'interactions aux liens avec la performance, la satisfaction et le conflit perçu"

December 15,2017
Director: Michel Verstraeten
Current job: Responsable de service ULB – Consultante en management



Görtz Nicolas, "Approche marxiste des trajectoires des organisations syndicales. Etude de cas de la CSC et de la FGTB"

October 24, 2017
Director: Michel Verstraeten
Current job: Permanent syndical (BE, CSC Alimentation et Services / ACV Voeding en Diensten)



Joachain Hélène, "Complementary Currencies and Environmental Sustainability"

September 4, 2017
Director: Marek Hudon
Current job: Senior researcher (BE, CERMi - Université libre de Bruxelles)



Meyer Camille, "Social Finance and Common Goods"

April 21, 2017
Director: Marek Hudon
Current job: Postdoctoral fellow (CA, University of Victoria)









Vermeylen Guillaume, "The Impact of Educational Mismatch on Firm Productivity, Wages and Productivity-Wage Gaps in Different Working Environments", joint PhD with UMONS

September 23, 2016
Co-Directors: Benoît Mahy (UMONS) and François Rycx
Current job: Postdoctoral Fellow (BE, UMONS)





Serghini Idrissi Aïcha, "Job performance evaluations as gender barriers in male dominated organizations and occupations"

June 27, 2016
Director: Michel Verstraeten



David Géraldine, "Art as an Investment: A Historical Perspective", joint PhD with Tilburg University

June 27, 2016
Directors: Kim Oosterlinck and Luc Renneboog (Tilburg University)
Current job: BAEF Post-Doctoral research fellow (US, Yale University)



Lorent Benjamin, "Treatment of Market Risks under Solvency II and its Market Implications"

June 21, 2016
Co-Directors: Hugues Pirotte and Ariane Chapelle (UCL (UK))
Current job: Lecturer in Finance and Insurance (BE, SBS-EM) and Solvency II Consultant





Postelnicu Luminita, "Social Capital and the Repayment of Microfinance Group Lending"

January 20, 2016
Co-Directors: Ariane Szafarz and Niels Hermes (University of Groningen)
Current job: Data Scientist (BE, Mentis Consulting)






Cieslik Katarzyna, "Micro-Entrepreneurs in Rural Burundi: Innovation and Contestation at the Bottom of the Pyramid"

January 4, 2016
Co-Directors: Marek Hudon and Philip Verwimp
Current job: Postdoctoral Fellow (NL, Wageningen UR)







Duvivier Florence, "Global Mobility of People in Offshore Outsourcing and Insourcing Arrangements"

October 14, 2015
Director: Carine Peeters
Current job: Assistant Professor, Strategy Department (FR, NEOMA Business School, Campus Rouen)




Schwab Pierre-Nicolas, "Online complaint handling practices and the role of politeness in firm-customer interactions"

October 12, 2015
Director: Sandra Rothenberger
Current job: Director (BE, IntoTheMinds, market research agency)



Tackx Koen, "The Role of Fair Process and Co-Creation for Strategic Management and Corporate Performance"

June 22, 2015
Director: Paul Verdin
Current job: Professor (BE, Vlerick Business School)



Garnero Andrea , "Institutions and Heterogeneity in the Labour Market"

January 16, 2015
Co-directors: François Rycx and Philippe Askenazy
Current job: Economist (FR, OECD, Paris)





Minne Geoffrey, "The Role of Information in Exchange Rate Policy and the Reaction of Banks during the 2007/08 Crisis"

October 1, 2014
Co-directors: Pierre-Guillaume Méon and Micael Castanheira
Current job: Advisory economist (BE, ING)



Laureti Carolina, "Product Design in Microfinance", joint PhD with UMONS

August 21, 2014
Co-directors: Marc Labie and Ariane Szafarz
Current job: Chargée de recherche – FNRS (BE, ULB)


Michel Klaus Bernhard, "Economic and Environmental Causes and Consequences of Offshoring. An Empirical Assessment"

Juin 20, 2014
Director: François Rycx
Current job: Economist (BE, Belgian Federal Planning Bureau, Structural Studies and Input-Output Divisions)


Van Hove Lucy, "L'impact et les facteurs-clés de succès du coaching professionnel: une analyse longitudinale auprès de cadres"

April 8, 2014
Co-directors: Alain Eraly and Michel Verstraeten
Current job: Lecturer in Human Resources Management (BE, SBS-EM) & Executive Coach




Göransson Marie, "Des mécanismes de responsabilisation des hauts fonctionnaires: leur intégration et leur impact dans le système exécutif politico-administratif. Analyse du cas belge et mises en perspectives étrangères"

June 24, 2013
Co-directors: Alain Eraly and Michel Verstraeten
Current job: Assistant Professor (BE, ULB)


Dewaele Benoît, "On the Performance of Hedge Funds"

May 28, 2013
Director: Hugues Pirotte
Current job: Associate (BE, McKinsey)


Allet Marion, "Microfinance and the Environmental Bottom Line"

February 21, 2013
Co-directors: Marek Hudon et J-Y Moisseron (Paris-1)
Current job: Senior Programme Officier Environnement & Microfinance (FR, Pamiga)


Schicks Jessica, "The Over-Indebtedness of Microfinance Customers" 

January 15, 2013
Director: Marek Hudon
Current job: Chief Operations Officer (ZM, AB Zambia - LFS Financial Systems)




Vu Tuan Anh, "Essays on the Innovation and Intellectual Property System in Vietnam"

December 20, 2012
Director: Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Current job: Director of Business Consulting Center (VN, Faculty of Business Management - National Economics University)


Rojas Gaviria Pilar, "Three Essays on How Sharing and Consuming Support Home Place Reconnection in Contemporary Liquid Times"

December 18, 2012
Director: Christian Bluemelhuber
Current job: Affiliated Professor (PE, Esan Graduate School of Business, Lima)


Sakuma Kyoko, "Conformance and Non Conformance of Asset Managers to Environment, Social and Government Pressures. Sensemaking capacities and the use of externally defined information"

June 18, 2012
Director: Manuel Hensman
Current job: Senior Advisor (BE, Avisa Partners)


Sukadi Mata Ritha, "Microfinance and Remittances"   

April 30, 2012
Co-director: Marc Labie (UMons) and Daniel Traça
Current job: Evaluation Expert (ADE – Analysis for Economic Decisions)


Collet Stéphanie, "Sovereign Bonds: Odious Debts and State Succession"

April 27, 2012
Director: Kim Oosterlinck
Current job: Assistant Professor (FR, ESCP Europe)


Emontspool Julie, "Consumption discourses as positioning strategies for international migrants"     

February 7, 2012
Director: Christian Bluemelhuber
Current job: Assistant Professor (DK, University of Southern Denmark)


Levy Marc, "Shareholders' Control in Complex Corporate Structures"

January 13, 2012
Co-directors: Ariane Szafarz
Current job: Senior risk manager (BE, Belfius)


Zindler Karin, "Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility in Germany and Spain"

January 13, 2012
Co-directors: Paul Verdin and Nigel Roome (ULB) 




Drut Bastien, "Socially Responsible Investment and Portfolio Selection"

October 5, 2011
Co-directors: Ariane Szafarz and Kim Oosterlinck (ULB)
Current job: Stratégiste Taux et Changes (FR, AMUNDI)  


Cordier Mateo, "Ecosystème estuarien et système économique régional : faisabilité d’une intégration par modélisation input-output. Application au cas de l’habitat halieutique dans l’estuaire de la Seine"

June 30, 2011
Director: Martin O’Connor (Versailles), Walter Hecq (ULB) and Christiana Lancelot (ULB)
Current job: Lecturer (FR, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines)


Mathieu Azèle, "Essays on the Entrepreneurial University"      

June 15, 2011
Director: Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Current job: Financial Expert (BE, The Brussels Enterprise Agency ABE - BEA)


De Scheemaekere Xavier, "Essays in Mathematical Finance and in the Epistemology of Finance"  

May 19, 2011
Co-directors: Ariane Szafarz (ULB) and Hugues Pirotte (ULB)
Current job: Risk & Value - Model & Strategy Officer (BE, Generali Belgium)


Vanroose Annabel, "The uneven development of the microfinance sector"

February 25, 2011
Co-directors: Kim Oosterlinck (ULB) and Leo Van Hove (VUB)
Current job: Professor (PE, Economics and Business Department - Universidad de Piura)




Hamelin Anaïs, "Contrôle, financement et croissance des petites et moyennes entreprises"

November 25, 2010
Co-directors: Ariane Szafarz and Michel Dietsch
Current job: Lecturer in management (FR, Université de Strasbourg)


Brunk Katja, Essays on Consumer Perceived Ethicality (CPE) of Companies and Brands

September 24, 2010
Director: Christian Bluemelhuber
Current job: Research fellow (DE, ESMT, European School of Management and Technology)


de Rassenfosse Gaétan, Essays on the propensity to patent : measurement and determinants

May 28, 2010
Director: Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Current job: Assistant Professor (CH, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)




Gheeraert Laurent, Financial systems: essays on the cultural determinants and the relevance for economic development

December 17, 2009
Co-directors: Ariane Chapelle and Daniel Traça
Current job: Professor (BE, ULB)



Fouillet Cyril, La construction spatiale de la microfinance en Inde

October 16, 2009
Co-directors: Marek Hudon and Jean-Michel Servet
Current job: Assistant Professor (FR, Essca Business School)


Marechal Kevin, The economics of climate change and the change of climate in economics: the implications for climate policy of adopting an evolutionary perspective

September 11, 2009
Co-directors: Assaad Elia Azzi and Walter Hecq
Current job: Senior researcher (BE, ULB)


Mourre Gilles, Five essays on performance and structural rigidities in European labour markets

June 23, 2009
Co-directors: Khalid Sekkat and Eric Strobl
Current job: Head of Unit, DG Economic and Financial Affairs, Revenue management and tax policy issues Unit (BE, European Commission)




El Battiui Mohamed, L'eau au Moyen-Orient: entre gestion et instrumentalisation       

June 20, 2008
Co-directors: Bertrand Mareschal and Firouzeh Nahavandi
Current job: Professor (BE, Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer)


van Zeebroeck Nicolas, Essays on the empirical analysis of patent systems             

March 13, 2008
Co-directors: Hugues Bersini and Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Current job: Professor (BE, ULB)




Sapsalis Eleftherios, Essays on the value of academic patents and technology transfer

June 12, 2007
Director: Bruno van Pottelsberghe


Bozkaya Ant, Essays in entrepreneurial finance

June 12, 2007
Director: Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Current job: Scholar, international senior executive, entrepreneur, and management consultant (US, MIT and UC Berkeley)


Nicodème Gaëtan, Essays on the Empirics of Capital and Corporate Tax Competition

June 5, 2007
Co-directors: Mathias Dawatripont and Peter Praet


Hudon Marek, Ethics and Public Policy in Microfinance

May 4, 2007
Director: André Farber
Current job: Professor (BE, ULB)


Romain Astrid, Essays in the Empirical Analysis of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship

February 9, 2007
Director: Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Current job: Manager (BE, Institut Bruxellois de Statistique et d’Analyse)




Haverals Jacqueline, Analyse de la connexion entre les droits comptable et fiscal belges à la lumière du principe de l’image fidèle

September 30, 2006
Co-directors: Faska Khrouz and Pascal Minne
Current job: Managing Director (CH, Onyx Consulting GmbH)


Loulit Ahmed, Valuing credit risky bonds: generalizations of first passage models

September 13, 2006  
Director: André Farber




Lukuitshi-Lua-Nkombe Malaika Albert, Essai sur le système financière de la République Démocratique du Congo. Une contribution à l’amélioration de la supervision bancaire

September 16, 2005
Director: André Farber


Verstraeten Michel, Stratégie et rôle des consultants dans les changements organisationnels

September 6th, 2005
Director: Alain Eraly
Current job: Professor (BE, ULB)


Eyada Ayissi Théophile, Gestion des opérations de privatisation et de performance des entreprises privatisées. Cas de la Communauté Economique et Monétaire de l'Afrique Centrale

May 9, 2005
Director: Anne Drumaux
Current job: Coordinator (CM, Université Catholique d'Afrique Centrale)




Quan Hoang Vuong, Essays on Vietnam's Financial Markets: Databases and Empirics

October 10, 2004
Co-directors : André Farber and Ariane Szafarz
Current job: Research Scientist (VN, DHVP Research)


Laurent Marie-Paule, Essays in Financial Risk Management

September 14, 2004
Co-directors : André Farber and Ariane Szafarz
Current job: Managing Partner (BE, Risk Dynamics)


Peeters Carine, Essays on Innovation Competencies and Firms’Performances

June 14th, 2004
Director : Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Current job: Associate Professor (BE, Vlerick Business School‎)




Mortehan Olivier, Etude des Aspects Stratégiques du Processus de Formation d'Accords de Collaboration chez les Grands Constructeurs Informatiques

Decembre 11, 2003
Director : Faska Khrouz
Current job: Professor (BE, ULB)


Oosterlinck Kim, Sovereign debts in troubled times

November 27, 2003
Director: Ariane Szafarz
Current job: Professor (BE, ULB)


Schmit Mathias, Leasing as a Corporate Financing Tool: Leasing Puzzle, Accounting Debate and Credit Risk Empirical Investigation

June 18, 2003
Director : André Farber
Current job: Professor (BE, ULB)




Venkata Subban Subramanian, Drivers of Performance : Examining the External and Internal Sources of Value Creation

December 20, 2002
Director : Paul Verdin