The Solvay Management Research Seminar

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Pushing the frontiers of management research in Brussels

In partnership with the VUB, Solvay Brussels School is launching a new "Management Research Seminar".

It is a congenial forum where, for a few hours, fellow researchers from foreign universities, who are at the forefront of knowledge in their field, can present ongoing research, foster debate and receive feedback. This initiative is original is that it offers a seminar designed specifically to address managerial research issues.

Such seminars are part and parcel of a public research mission, the aim of which is to disseminate knowledge freely. This benefits all participants: fellow professors, young doctoral students who become acquainted with high quality research, executives wishing to stay up-to--date with current thinking or mingle and network with any of the above.

Who is it for? ULB/VUB faculty, postdoctoral and doctoral researchers, as well as management executives interested in current research, colleagues from other universities and fields.

When? Start in November 2013; time slot: Tuesday 12:15-13:45

Where? Alternating between VUB and Solvay campuses

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