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SBS-EM's Mission

More than one hundred years ago, our founder Ernest Solvay, defined the school's mission as follows:

“The mission of the Solvay Business School is to train men and women who are capable of selecting, initiating and managing.”

By and large, this mission has remained unchanged. But it has now been extended with the creation of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management:

'Our mission is to have a decisive and positive impact on how economic and business challenges are addressed. With a strong emphasis on quantitative methods, we produce pioneering research and educate women and men to become true leaders and entrepreneurs in their field.'

SBS-EM's Vision

"To be a top European school of economics and management integrated in a research-based university, combining a unique blend of scientific rigour, contextual engagement and problem-solving skills with an ambitious global reach."

SBS-EM's Values

1. Free inquiry: we challenge our students and stakeholders to open their minds to a wide range of perspectives and to adopt a critical attitude

Did you know?

In 1985, Solvay students created the first Restos du Coeur, a charity feeding and helping people in need. The idea then spread in France thanks to a famous stand-up comedian named Coluche.

2. Excellence: we all strive to the highest standards of performance in education and research

3. Entrepreneurial spirit: we expect all our stakeholders to demonstrate initiatives, innovation and leadership

4. Multidisciplinarity: we build on a full blend of university disciplines and our expertise in economics and management

5. Equal opportunity: we provide access to students from all socio-economic backgrounds

6. Democratic governance: practitioners, academics, researchers, students and staff all have a voice in our governance

7. Societal relevance: we nurture a long tradition of corporate social responsibility, ethics, and diversity in public institutions and the business world

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