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Welcome Word of the Academic Director

IT Management Education 

In January 2015 Solvay Executive Education will carry out a major overhaul of its IT, Information Security and Cybersecurity Management course portfolio with the introduction of two new executive masters and eight new executive programmes. 

Since 2003, Solvay Executive Education has been setting new teaching and research standards in the areas of Information Technology Management, Information Security, Risk, Audit, Compliance and IT value. Over a decade’s worth of successful executive education has enabled hundreds of participants to acquire essential business and managerial knowledge and boost their career as a direct result.

Major research and new developments in management practices, frameworks and bodies of knowledge enrich our curriculum, year after year. Many of our lecturers have played important roles in advancing research and releasing influential publications examining the governance, risk management and value realisation of Information Technology.

More than one hundred academic lecturers, expert speakers, staff and participants are integrally involved in this harmonious set-up, delivering a top-notch education that receives a high rate of satisfaction and overwhelmingly positive feedback from graduating participants.


Many graduates come back in subsequent years to acquire knowledge in recently-emerging areas, attend newly-offered modules or transition to General Management, Finance, Marketing or Leadership-related lifelong learning programmes. Others call upon us for in-company education in order to share knowledge with their management and colleagues. Others seek professional certifications and accreditations by capitalising on previously-acquired expertise.

We at Solvay Executive Education are proud to accompany you along your career path and to provide you with a window into recent publications, academic research and professional expertise.

Georges Ataya