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Your exchange step by step

As soon as they are officially announced, our exchange students are regularly informed in details about the procedure related to their exchange as well as about the courses programmes which are open to them.

This page summarizes all these pieces of information. For any question which answer could not be found on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Before your departure

1. Applying

Should you wish to spend an exchange period with our SBS-EM, please first make sure that your home institution is part of our partner institutions. Then please contact the International Office of your home university in order to inquire about its selection procedure.

You have been selected by the International Office of your home institution? Your official nomination must then be e-mailed by your home coordinator by May 15th for the 1st term exchange students and by October 15th for the 2nd term exchange students. Our application confirmation will follow immediately.

2. Registering

Your Info Pack 1 regarding the administrative procedure will be e-mailed after the positive answer to your application. Thereafter you will emailed again with the online registration procedure. Please note that the online registration is mandatory and does not include courses registration.

After receipt of your on-line form, the International Relations Office will send your Info Pack 2 by email. The official acceptance letter will be enclosed.

3. Preparing your departure

Visas: Non EU citizens should contact the Belgian embassy or consulate of their home country to inquire about their requirements and procedure. Should you need to apply for a visa, please note that your acceptance letter will be required.

Accommodation: you may want to start searching for a room in the private sector. Should you not have found a room before your arrival in Brussels, please note that you could book provisional accommodation for your 1st days in Brussels.

When foreseeing a budget for your exchange period, take the average cost of living in Belgium into account.

Should you buy a return ticket, please try to buy an open ticket or make sure that the return travel is not scheduled during the official exams period.

The student association EXPRESS will be taking part in the organisation of your welcome week. We will inform you of Express' activities planned for the welcome week and their registration form.

Please make sure that you will be covered by an insurance in case of illness or accident. Indeed, the mandatory ULB insurance (€12,-) only covers you in case of accident on the campus or on your way to it during the courses hours.

Finally, Belgian climate is oceanic and moderate: don't forget to take a raincoat with you !

During your exchange

1. Registration to the town hall (= "commune")

As soon as you will have moved in your apartment/student room, please register to the foreign office of your commune.

2. Welcome/information meetings

A mandatory welcome week, consisting of a welcome meeting and a coordinators' session are organized for the exchange students before the beginning of the courses (except MBA programme). These meetings have 2 goals :

a) distributing your student card;

b) informing you about the courses open to you (and their registration formalities), the exams rules, the services available at ULB, and extra-academic life in Brussels.

3. Courses choice

You will be requested to register to courses prior to arrival, through an online platform. No changes will be accepted after the deadlines.

4. Exams

RULE : exchange students have to take their exams during the official exams periods, the same way as the local students. It is therefore forbidden to organize one's exams individually with the professors or to try to negotiate the results obtained. Any problem regarding the exams has to be submitted to the International Programme Office.

Each student will have the possibility to retake the exams he/she failed. In order to do so, he/she simply needs to register to the resit period (=seconde session) in due time and with the appropriate form. The retake exams are gratis, will take place between Mid-August and beginning of September in Brussels.

The grades will be available on MonULB as soon as they will be communicated by the professors.

After your exchange

1. Evaluation form

You will be requested to fill in a stay evaluation form at the end of your exchange.

2. Transcript of records

The official transcript of records will be sent directly to the home institution coordinator by email (the student is copied in the email), then by post (if required by the home university). The transcripts will be sent in the course of March for the 1st term students, and in the course of July for the 2nd term/academic year students.