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Practical information


Unfortunately we won't have any room in students hall to allocate to exchange students during this academic year. Students will therefore have to look for a room in the private sector.

Two approaches are possible:


Renting a student accommodation through the private sector will in most cases take place directly between the student and the landlord, but it can occasionnally also happen through a real estate agency. There are numerous student places around the campus area. It can also be further away from the campus, but in any case it is within easy reach by public transport. You will find a variety of accommodation types: furnished rooms or flats with facilities (kitchen, bathroom and/or living room) private or shared with other students or the landlord.
Rent is ranging between 350 and 500€/month (all-inclusive) according to the type of housing and the level of comfort. A rental deposit of one or two months rent will very likely be required by the landlord.

This offers the advantage of a complete freedom as to the type of accommodation and its location and the security of having a place booked prior to arrival. However, please note that there is no possibility to visit the accommodation before arrival, so a potential risk of disappointment. Also if you confirm the reservation to the landlord, bear in mind that it is a commitment and that you might have to pay a deposit.

A list of useful links will be e-mailed to you after you will have submitted your on-line registration form. Your International Programme Office will also email you advertisements.  Finally you can also visit the web site of the ULB Accommodation Office on-line database for private-rented accommodation.

Please note that the Université Libre de Bruxelles is only an intermediary between the student and landlord and may in no circumstances be held accountable for any problem arising between these two parties.



This formula enables students to seek accommodation by themselves upon arrival in Brussels. This avoids the risk of a disappointment when the accommodation is found by ULB (as you cannot visit the place beforehand). A list of temporary accommodations will be e-mailed to you after you will have submitted your on-line registration form. 


 Health Care

Students coming from European Union countries, Norway and Iceland: please make sure to take with you your European health insurance card (specific to study abroad). This will be provided to you by your local health insurance organization.This documents proves that you are in order with your local health insurance and therefore will allow you to subscribe gratis to our own health insurance system (called ‘Mutuelle’) – this organism will cover you for your medical costs. At the ULB medical services, you will only pay for the exact amount that will thereafter be fully refunded to you by your ‘mutuelle’.

Students coming for other countries: you can subscribe to a Belgian ‘mutuelle’ and without probation period, but unlike students from the EU, Norway, and Iceland, you will need to pay a monthly fee of around 20€. You can also subscribe to a private insurance in your home country on top of this.


Compulsory ULB insurance


Registration to the courses is free of charge to students joining the ULB within the framework of European mobility programs or conventions of bilateral cooperation.

You will however have to pay the amount of 12€, corresponding to an obligatory individual insurance covering « physical injuries». This insurance will cover you on the different campuses of the university and during your trips between your home in Brussels and the campuses, i.e. within the framework of your university activities. This subscription fee will entitle you to get a refund from our university Insurance Department for your medical costs, which are not covered by our Belgian health care system. Besides this, you are covered in ‘civil responsibility ‘ for body and material damages that you might cause to third party, after errors, negligences, omissions or carelessness, but provided that the damage has been caused on one of the ULB campuses and within academic related activities.

On top of this, we advice you to subscribe prior to departure to a private insurance for the risks not covered neither by our obligatory ULB insurance neither by our social security.


Buddy system

Prior to arrival, you will be contacted to seek you interest in being allocated a buddy. The buddy is a local student, registered at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, who is keen to help with your integration. 

Cost of living

Estimation of a student's monthly budget in Brussels:

Accommodation (bills included) 350-500 €
Food 250 €
Books & Learning material 35 €
Public Transportation 40 €
Health insurance for non-EU citizens 25€
Miscellaneous: Parties 70€  - Telecommunications 40€

TOTAL around 800-1000€ per month.

Services offered on campus

Exchange students holding a student card can join the university libraries.

ULB's Medical Center provides preventive, emergency and general health care as well as specialized and sports medicine for students on the Campus du Solbosch (building M). Tel.: 02/650.29.29 or 02/650.35.35 (answering machine). The Center is open from Monday to Friday, 8.00am-6.30pm, and Saturday, 9am-1pm. 

Our Medical Service doesn't offer a dentistry service, but refers to the following dentist cabinet nearby:
Cabinet Lenertz
Av. G. Bergmann, 128 - 1050 Brussels
On appointment on the following number: 02/ 640 86 78.

Counseling is also available at “Psy-Campus”, Monday to Friday, 8.30am-12.30am and 2.00pm-4.30pm, except Tuesday morning. Campus du Solbosch, 127, avenue Buyl. - Tel.: 02/650.20.25.
Brussels also has numerous private and public hospitals as well as surgeries.

The sports halls of the Campus du Solbosch and the “Centre Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes” are both at the disposal of the university community.
The “Centre Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes” (access: bus 72) includes three sports halls, one gymnastics hall, four squash courts, one dance studio, as well as indoor facilities such as fitness room, racing, high jumping and hurdling. For outdoor activities, there is a mini-football field and tennis courts.
The Campus du Solbosch also has a sports hall, judo, gym, table tennis, fencing and shooting.

There are thus many opportunities to participate in practically every sport. Annual subscription is 50 €. You will need to produce a medical certificate delivered by your doctor or undergo a medical examination prior to registration.
For more information on sports facilities, please see their web site.


The ULB-Culture organizes events such as film evenings, concerts, exhibitions, etc. Campus du Solbosch, building F1, level 4 - Tel.: 02/650.21.57.

This Association, founded by students,  organizes activities for exchange students (visits, meetings, parties,... ).
Campus du Solbosch, building H, room H2.162. E-mail: express [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be Tel : 02/650 45 33

The restaurants of Campus du Solbosch are located in building F1. Open from 11.30am to 2.15pm. Campus du Solbosch and its surroundings offer a number of small restaurants serving inexpensive meals and daily specials.

Most academics have edited books or readers with their lecture notes. They can be bought from Presses Universitaires de Bruxelles (Campus du Solbosch, building V - Tel. 02/649.97.80).

On Campus du Solbosch, copier machines are at your disposal in building F1. Open 7.30am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

There are several card- and coin-operated payphones on each ULB campus. Phone cards can be bought at most bookshops. International calls can also be made from these payphones.
The telephones installed in the halls and buildings of the university can be used free of charge to call another number on campus. Central number of the university: +32 2 650.21.11. or 11.11 from an internal phone.

Both campuses La Plaine and Solbosh are covered by Wi-Fi connections. All students registered at the university have access to an ULB e-mail address. Once they know their student card number, students can also use one of the Internet-connected computers.

On Campus du Solbosch, a branch of ING Bank and an automatic teller can be found on the ground floor of building F1. Opening hours: 10.00am-12.30pm and 1.00pm-4.00pm, Monday to Friday. Late opening hours on thursday: until 6.00pm - Tel.: 02/650.40.98. There are several other banks in the immediate surroundings of the campus.
To open a bank account, you will have to show your identity card or your passport and possibly your student card and proof of residence in Belgium.

The travel agency is on Campus du Solbosch, on the ground floor of building F1. It sometimes offers reduced fares for students. Open all year from Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm - Tel.: 02/650.37.72.

The security service is in charge of the maintenance of the university premises and car parks, the lost and found services, as well as access to buildings.

Useful telephone numbers:

- Emergency number on the campus premises: 7
- Police: 101
- Ambulance, Firemen: 100
- Red Cross: 105
- Poisoning 070/245.245

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