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The Baillet-Latour Chair in Error Management at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management has been created to study a much neglected topic: how to deal with strategic and organizational errors at the senior executive and board level, and more specifically how to avoid that errors lead organizations down a downward or even fatal path. The Chair aims to develop theories, concepts, insights and frameworks to detect and manage errors so their potentially damaging and even dramatic consequences can be avoided or minimized.

Organizational errors are unintended deviations from rules, codes of conduct, or good princiFrom Wrong to Rightples that result in adverse consequences of strategic magnitude. They may originate either at the operational or the executive level. We are primarily interested in the challenge facing senior executives, executive committee members, CEO or board members in (i) spotting, detecting, identifying, acknowledging corporate errors and (ii) dealing with the observed errors and their consequence by way of corrective actions and remedies. 

Given the nature of the question, and the organizational and strategic perspectives taken, our research crosses different fields and disciplines of management research, including Strategy, Leadership, Organizational Behavior and Corporate governance, and touches on various others including Decision Analysis, Risk Management, among others.

The objective is (i) to produce world-class research involving theory development, hypothesis building, and empirical validation through a variety of approaches, including surveys, interviews, case studies, simulations, and grounded theory, and (ii) to alert executive and board level leadership in companies, non-profits and other organizations to the importance of the topic, raise the interest in the issue and provide useful insights, tools and approaches to detect and handle errors in organizations so as to minimize their potential damaging or fatal impact.

In so doing it intends to contribute to the quality of management and leadership in organizations for the benefit of the people, the business, and the community at large. 

Chair Director: Paul Verdin, Ph.D., Professor of Strategy

Fellow Researcher: Dr. Vincent Giolito - vincent [dot] giolito [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be.