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iCite – Mission statement

The International Centre for Innovation, Technology and Education Studies (iCite) of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management at Université Libre de Bruxelles, aims at better understanding the drivers of innovation and welfare in our society. It gathers academics who perform multidisciplinary research and training services. Theoretical and empirical analyses aim at better understanding the economics, management and history of innovation, knowledge generation and knowledge diffusion. Based on the outcomes of its research and on the expertise of its members, iCite also provides advices and recommendations to policy makers and business leaders.

Major research topics include:

  • The cliometrics of Higher Education Institutions;

  • The interaction between market processes, organizational strategies and governance of universities and firms;

  • The analysis of National Innovation Systems;

  • The determinants of firms’ research and innovation activities and their economic impact;

  • The efficiency of science and technology policies;

  • The effectiveness of intellectual property policies;

  • The entrepreneurial challenge;

  • The dynamics and funding of entrepreneurship and small businesses;

  • The impact of Information and Communication Technology on the organization and performance of firms and R&D;

  • The strategies pursued by organizations to continuously renew their competences and performance;

  • The outsourcing decisions of Multi National Enterprises and the internationalization of R&D.