Executive Education Summary

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Executive Education:
Career Development for Managers

Whether you’re a professional looking to speed-up your career or a company needing to train key-staff in critical business issues, Solvay Brussels School teaches a wide-ranging, ever-evolving portfolio of postgraduate courses  and classes aimed at junior to mid-levels managers. Our catalogue of trainings is built to reflect the needs of today’s business world: variety of subjects, choices between day classes and evening classes, to-the-point programmes.

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 Discover our programmes

  • All the Executive Education programmes can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation or consortium in order to fully
    integrate specific projets.
  • More info on http://www.solvay.edu/csp
  • Contact: csp [at] solvay [dot] edu
  • For example: "transconstellation" 


Most of Executive Education programmes have recieved the quality label Qfor. Therefore, participants (SMEs and self-employed) can benefit from training subsides from the Flemish, Waloon and Brussels-Capital Regions. More information on http://www.solvay.edu/financial-benefits 


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Executive Education Conclusion

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Solvay Executive Education would like to give special thanks to the Emile Bernheim Foundation and D'Ieteren for their continuous support.