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Solvay Career Days

22nd and 23rd of February

The Solvay Career Days are our already well-known Jobfair, taking place in late February. It gathers every year dozens of companies from numerous sectors and hundreds of students, allowing both to get in touch and build bridges.

Reserved for: any company interested in meeting Solvay students

Registration deadline: 16th Dec.

Contact: any student coordinator

Consulting Week 

7th - 10th of November

The Consulting week is a brand new macro event that will gather several consulting companies, each of them organising a recruitment event on one day of the week. These events can be on- or off-campus, with or without selection of the students by the company.

Reserved for: consulting companies with at least 40 employees

Registration deadline: 26th Sept.


NGO Lunch

9th of March

Thee non-profit sector lunch will allow students to meet non-business actors, i.e. non governmental organisations, the public sector, and social entrepreneurs. Thee purpose is to allow students that are interested in a non-profit sector career to meet organisations that are otherwise quite remote from the recruitment network.

Reserved for: NGOs, social entrepreneurs or public sector organisations

Registration deadline: 30th Jan.


Start Up Night

28th of March  

Thee Start-Up Night will aim at helping students meet small, new companies, that can have a hard time affording to get the same visibility as big firms. Because of Solvay students’ active entrepreneurial spirit, many are extremely keen on getting to know this kind of companies better.

Reserved for: start-ups

Registration deadline: 6th Feb.