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Company Specific Programmes: Customised learning inside your organisation

csp [at] solvay [dot] edu ()

If your organisation is confronted with the challenge of developing new skills in its management team and has specific wants and needs to meet those management challenges, then the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management is the ideal partner for the design and execution of a tailor-made programme.

Fully-customised? Adapting an existing programme? Pooling your needs in a consortium? Solvay Executive Education offers a range of formats and 3 different levels of customisation.

The learning experience we will develop with you will reflect your unique situation, corporate culture, business issues, strategies and learning objectives. We have developed a distinctive approach, grounded in our faculty's experience and a strong group philosophy. We believe that development activities must equip managers to handle change, develop their skills and improve their performance in the specific context of your organisation. Participants must be active participants in their own continuous development. 

Unique expertise

We have the core competencies necessary to help your organisation achieve its goals through its unique expertise:

  • We have acquired real experience in developing Executive Education programmes in various Management fields for more than 30 years

  • Our faculty is a mix of leading academics and business practitioners renowned for their expertise across a broad spectrum of business sectors and a variety of Management functions

  • All of our programmes employ a unique and impactful teaching technique - with a balance of in-depth theory and practical learning, case studies, seminars, group working and exchange of experience - which ensures participants will gain the knowledge that can be put to use immediately on the job

  • Our faculty members working in leading international business fields and our strong research in all fields of management ensure a cutting-edge education to your managers who will learn the best management practices.

  • We integrate the intersecting expertise of our faculty to provide dynamic content and a flow that links one element to the next, creating a rich cross-functional perspective for our participants

  • Our rich multicultural experience allows us to develop international programmes with our international faculty, researchers and participants from diverse backgrounds

  • We build a close partnership with you based on trust, confidentiality and frequent communication, in order to fine-tune our services and set clear programme objectives according to your needs.


Programme development

Through the creation and delivery of your in-company programme, Solvay Brussels School remains at your call, ready to implement any  changes that might be needed. Customer needs before, during and after the programme are carefully monitored through a systematic review process to ensure top quality.

The development of your programme includes the involvement of faculty members and top management from your organisation working with a Programme Director to bring our network of experience together for your benefit

  1. Initial contact

  2. Needs analysis

  3. Program design

  4. Delivery

  5. Programme


  • Analyse initial needs

  • Agree on approach

  • Appoint programme team

  • Define priorities and objectives

  • Initial programme design

  • Finalise program design, faculty team, internal speakers, guest speakers

  • Develop teaching material

  • The customised programme is delivered by the faculty team

  • Evaluate programme execution

  • Measure results and impact of the programme

In-company training contact information

For more information about company specific programmes please contact: csp [at] solvay [dot] edu

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