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The creation of Chairs financed by corporate sponsorship represents an integral part of the strategic objective of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management to develop the international nature of the School. These Chairs have already enabled us to welcome, among others, Professor Steve Kaplan (University of Chicago), Professor Kenneth Morse (MIT) and Professor Herwigh Langhor (INSEAD).

At the present time the SBS-EM has eight Chairs :

The Solvay S.A. Chair in Technological Innovation

The primary purpose of this Chair is to create intellectual capitalin the field of technological innovation. The scope of the Chair includes the micro and macro effects of technological innovationas well as the analysis and study of innovation management within companies and society in general. Classes are taught at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and at INSEAD in order to promote and support scientific research and academic collaboration between the two institutions. The current Chairholder is Bruno van Pottelsberghe.

The Léo Goldschmidt Chair of Corporate Governance

The purpose of this Chair is to create an international teaching and research centre in corporate governance, in order to promote, among future leaders in society, a better understanding of the nature of the interactions both within a corporation and with its various constituencies. Today the Chair is held by Marco Becht

The GDF-Suez Chair of Leadership and Personal Development

This Chair aims at developing, inside the SBS-EM, a centre of excellence in leadership and personal development. The centre will carry out research in this field, as well as offer courses to the students of the SBS-EM. It will also develop executive education programs and consultancy services for organizations and public institutions. Marcus Stewart is the actual Chairholder.

The Bernheim Chair of Entrepreneurship

Research has amply demonstrated that most job creation takesplace in newly created businesses, especially in new technologies. Fostering entrepreneurship has therefore become a major activity in many business schools around the world, and in particular at the SBS-EM. This has led the Fondation Bernheimto help the School in a number of ways. First, it supports the ULB  Entrepreneurship Centre (and its «Start Academy project») supervised by Professor Jean-Claude Ettinger. This organization provides support to students, alumni, researchers and doctoral students in starting new businesses. This objective is also supported by the Bernheim Chair in Entrepreneurship, through its research and teaching activities. This Chair continues to benefit from the support of Alain Fayolle, who was its first holder. Today the Chair is held by Olivier Witmeur.

The Daniel Janssen Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility

This Chair provides doctoral students and those participating in a Master in Business Engineering, an MBA or in an Executive Education program, with a critical assessment of the social, economic and environmental role of business in both the commercial and non-commercial sectors. Its purpose is to give students the opportunity to debate these topics with company directors and trade union or NGO officials. The Chair is coordinated with the UAE Chair of Business Ethics and the Marie and Alain Philippson Chair of Managing for Sustainable Human Development, as well as with the regular business management classes at the SBS-EM. The current Chairholder is Kevin Jackson.

The Marie and Alain Philippson Chair in Managing for Human Sustainable Development

The purpose of this Chair is to create an international centre of excellence in research and training, and to raise awareness among future leaders regarding sustainable human development issues and the role of the private sector in combating poverty. It also enables such topics to be included incourses taught at the SBS-EM. The Chair focuses in particular on developing countries and their integration into the international economy and also establishes partnerships with businesses active in Africa. The Chair is currently held by Philip Verwimp.

The InBev-Baillet Latour Chair in Euromarketing

This Chair was established during the 2004-2005 academic year. It is the first of its kind and its purpose is to study the specificities of marketing at European level. The Chair comprises an array of activities directed by the professor: courses integrated into the SBS-EM curriculum, executive education, conferences, seminars and scientific publications. The Chairholder is Christian Blümelhuber.

The Van Rossum Visiting Professorship in Multiculturalism in Europe

The purpose of this Chair is to fund a visiting professor whose field of expertise is multiculturalism in Europe. By highlighting the importance of multi culturalism in the corporate world, its objective is to equip future managers with the tools needed to perform efficiently in multicultural organisations. Patricia Garcia-Prieto Chevalier is the Chairholder.