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Solvay students career services

What you learn at University is important, but selling yourself and your newly acquired knowledge to your dream employer is as important. So make the best of your time before graduating to develop those valuable skills. In order to ensure you are working towards the correct objective and in the appropriate way, the SBS-EM offers a number of career development services to its students.

The new Career Services will allow you to prepare for the market, understand what you want to do and how to get it. Throughout the year, a series of workshops on how to write a CV and application letters, interview simulations and other activities will provide students with practical guidance in their approach to their future.

Once you're ready, come and meet companies on our new career plateform, Solvay Talents, where all job and internship opportunities are listed alongside company profiles and recruitment help. So the network the SBS-EM has worked hard to develop in Belgium and internationally over the years is now available at your fingertips! 

The Campus Recruitment, managed by the students association, complements this offering by allowing students to meet companies face-to-face during the now infamous evening conferences and yearly SBS-EM job day.

For more information on students career services, please contact pascaline [dot] flon [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be

For more information on the Solvay Talents platform for internships and jobs offers, please contact veronique [dot] simon [at] solvay [dot] edu