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Students career services

In order to ensure that you are working towards the correct objective and in the appropriate way, the SBS-EM offers a number of career development services to its students.

Throughout the year, workshops, writing a CV and application letters, interview simulations and other activities provide students with practical guidance in their approach to the job market.

The Campus Recruitment Office (CRO), managed by students, also assembles and centralises job offers and is responsible for diffusing them to students. Over the years, the SBS-EM has developed a network of recruiters and has established contacts with companies throughout Belgium and indeed around the world. Thanks to this, students can take advantage of job opportunities all over the world and apply for the job he or she really aspires to. Thanks to the services of the CRO, students also acquire a full and realistic knowledge about the job market, about the needs and expectations of employers and about skills and salary levels.

This is now coordinated through the new Career Services, headed by Sarah Bigdeli.

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