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The Brussels Economic Review is an international peer-reviewed quarterly journal, which publishes sound and original applied economics articles anchored in theory, or articles with a strong potential for application and/or policy, with a spcial but not exclusive interest in Belgian and European issues.

The Brussels Economic Review publishes unsolicited manuscripts. Special issues proposals are welcome. They will receive equal attention from the editorial board.

Fully aware of the publication bias towards statistically significant results, the Brussels Economic Review welcomes as well the submission of studies reporting non-results, i.e. studies which demonstrate how a relation predicted by economic theory or one that is usually taken for granted is insignifiant.

Lastly, the Brussels Economic Review encourages the submission of replication studies.

The Nr 57/4 - 2014 is available :

Content :

Impact de la mobilité Erasmus sur les résultats moyens des étudiants : une analyse en doubles différences - H. Syed Zwick et S. Ali Shah Syed
Pacte de stabilité et risque d'une politique budgétaire procyclique en  union économique et monétaire : le cas de l'UEMOA - M. Diop et A. Diaw
Efficience et prise de risque : une analyse empirique des Etablissements bancaires avant et après la crise de l'Asie du Sud-Est - W. Ben Moussa
Inequality, finance and pro-poor investment channels in Africa - S. A. Asongu - V. S. Tschamyou

The next Number - 58/1-2 - 2015 will be published rapidly.

Contact : Annie [dot] Siot [at] ulb [dot] ac [dot] be