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Logo Solvay Schools Alumni

Solvay Schools Alumni, an impressive network, a partner for your career

Solvay Schools Alumni is the association regrouping all the graduates from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management ULB and the Solvay Business School VUB. Representing a network of 23,000+ Alumni, in more than 85 countries worldwide, our Alumni are present in all sectors of activities.

Solvay Schools Alumni organizes around 50 activities and conferences every year, aiming at providing to its members professional lifelong learning, career services, support and networking opportunities.

Thanks to an extensive online database and the annual edition of its yearbook, Solvay Schools Alumni gives the opportunity to all its alumni to keep in touch, for professional and social meetings.

Promotion evenings and fun activities allow the alumni to meet outside the office.

Constant support to the School and the Alumni

Furthermore, Solvay Schools Alumni brings its support to the School, on a regular basis, by financing the Chair of Experiences in Management, and for projects as the financing of the new building of the School, on the Solbosch Campus of the ULB, inaugurated in September 2010. Endowment of the future school projects is a main goal of our association.

Solvay Schools Alumni, it is also a professional office team, reachable every day, and extending a hearty welcome to all the alumni who need it.

For more information and the calendar of upcoming activities, please visit

How to contact us?


Meet the team

Michaël van Zeebroeck, Fabienne Becker 

Office Coordinator – Michaël van Zeebroeckmichael [at] solvayschoolsalumni [dot] net ( )

michael [at] solvayschoolsalumni [dot] net –  +32 (0)2 650 67 12

Events & Administration Coordinator – Sophie Paquet

sophie [at] solvayschoolsalumni [dot] net – +32 (0)2 650 30 59

Career Services Coordinator – Fabienne Becker

fabienne [at] solvayschoolsalumni [dot] net – +32 (0)2 650 35 51


Solvay Schools Alumni asbl/vzw
Avenue F.D. Rooseveltlaan 50, CP141
1050 Brussels

Become a member

You can support the Solvay Schools Alumni Association, take advantage of the free services (Directory, new year reception, club conferences, numerous reductions to activities) by becoming a regular contributing member of Solvay Alumni. Register here. Thank you in advance.


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