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The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board brings together practitioners of repute from the business world and members of the School Board. In the course of its the merger SBS-EM, the Advisory Board is about to add prominent economists. It is the Advisory Board’s job to advise and enlighten the School on strategic orientations. In particular, it must draw its attention to both the threats and the opportunities in the education.

Twenty corporate heads from leading Belgian and international companies sit on the Advisory Board, which meets at least three times a year. Members must have distinguished themselves as a director of a company or as an official in the field of economic or social life. In addition, past Presidents of the School are also members of the board. The Advisory Board was headed by Baron Daniel Janssen up to August 2004. The current President and Vice-President of the SBS advisory board are, respectively, Alain Philippson (Chairman of the Board - Banque Degroof) and Didier Bellens (CEO and President - Belgacom). In the aftermath of the merger, the Advisory Board will be extended to include high-level representatives from the economics and policy-making world.

Over the last few years, the Advisory Board has been the most eloquent example of the strong relationship between the Solvay Brussels School and the corporate world. It initiated and played a key role in the launch of the fundraising campaign. It has been instrumental in the merger process of the last year, and in negotiating with the Academic authorities in support of the School.

The tasks assigned to the Advisory Board are varied:

  • providing a forum for reflection on and critical evaluation of all the School’s projects.

  • helping to clarify the needs with regard to skills and profiles in order adequately toposition both subsidized and non-subsidized programmes;

  • contributing to make the School's expectations known to the wider socio-economic environment, for example, acting as an intermediary in fundraising campaigns;

  • reinforcing the national and international renown of the School

 Advisory Board Members:

  • Baron Alain Philippson, Chairman of the Board, Banque Degroof, (Adv. Board President)

  • Didier Bellens, CEO Belgacom, (Adv. Board Vice-President)

  • Baron Daniel Janssen, President of the Board of Directors, Solvay, (Honorary President)

  • Baron Philippe Bodson, Member of the board, various companies

  • Philippe Claude, Senior Principal, Atlas Venture

  • Alain Deneef, Member of the board, various companies

  • Pierre-Alain De Smedt, Member of the board, various companies

  • Pierre Drion, CEO, Petercam S.A.

  • Diego du Monceau de Bergendal, Member of the board, various companies

  • Léo Goldschmidt, Director, European Corporate Governance Institute

  • François Narmon, Honorary President Dexia

  • Mary Pitsy oude Hendrikman, Managing director, Boyden International

  • Alexandre Van Damme, Board Member, Inbev Baillet-Latour

  • Jean-Claude Vandenbosch, General Manager, Getronics Belgium

  • Henri Van Dierdonck, Managing Director, Associated Weavers International

  • Anton Van Rossum, Member of the board, various companies

  • Emmanuel van Innis, Member of the Executive Committee, Suez

  • Comte Richard Goblet d’Alviella, CEO, Sofina

  • Jacques Dopchie, Honorary President Foundation Bernheim

  • Ludo van der Heyden, Professor INSEAD

  • Olivier Lippens, CEO, Finasucre

  • Gilles Samyn, Managing Director, CNP, President SBS Alumni

  • Michel Allé, Chief Finance Office SNCB-Holding, Past President SBS

  • Olivier Hamoir, Director Mc Kinsey & Company, Inc Belgium

  • Pascal Minne, Managing Director, Petercam S.A.

  • Rob Kuijpers, CEO Cargo B Airlines

  • Philippe Biltiau, Former President SBS

  • André Farber, Former President SBS