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About BES

The Business Enterprise and Society (BES) is a new centre established early 2013 by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. It hosts all part-time professors and full-time faculty members actively involved in the development of the Management practice who wish to orient their academic activities at the intersection between academic teaching and its socio-economic environment. Part-time teaching assistants (AEX) and full-time teaching assistants (TA’s) are also part of the BES on a voluntary basis

BES was set up to address the need for a better integration of part-time faculty members within the School and its governance. It aims at providing practitioners with a place within the Faculty and a more structured voice in its decision-making processes. Beside this essential role in the governance of the Faculty, the new BES centre will leverage the web of practitioners employed in the School’s programmes to further increase its corporate connections and improve the permeation of practice into teaching. The new centre will therefore play a vital role in the development activities of the School and its corporate connections

Finally, the newly created BES centre will take part in development activities, especially as a vector for knowledge and experience sharing between the School and the practitioners teaching in its programmes.